Share Music

Following the closure of the Share Music London UK Office in 2006, the Share Music NI Office has now, with regret also closed.



Anyone interested in participating in similar activities in Northern Ireland
Contact: for information on Stravaganza.

Stravaganza is a Cresco Trust inclusive arts project supported by
The Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the National Lottery

Share Music Sweden continues to run courses
Contact: Sophia Alexanderson

Share Music South West is developing courses in Devon
Contact: Rob Paynter

About Share Music

Established in 1985 by Dr Michael Swallow, Share Music was set up in response to create opportunities for physically disabled people wishing to participate in high-quality creative activity in music and the performing arts.

During the first 16 years of its life the organisation established itself within Northern Ireland, developing and refining artistic practice and methodology, via a series of residential courses focussing initially on music and widening to encompass dance, movement and theatre (and more recently, film and video). The organisation then spread geographically to England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland and now has a sister organisation in Sweden

Share Music employs practising professional artists, both disabled and non-disabled to facilitate the courses. These artists/tutors have contributed to the formation of a basic artistic model around which there is much flexibility so that each course is different and dependent upon the Artists and participants involved.

This model allows for the creation of an environment where all participants are able to contribute throughout the week and where formal artistic skills (e.g. the ability to play an instrument) are not a prerequisite. The role of the “Tutor” in the Share Music context has always been to facilitate the formation of an artistic company in which there is total integration between young people of all physicalities; encouraging and co-ordinating the skills and interests of participants, which then feeds into a final public performance at the end of the week.

Our aims..

Founded on the belief that it is a human right to have artistic tools at one’s disposal, and inspired by principles of access and inclusivity, Share Music provides opportunities for people with physical disabilities, alongside non-disabled participants, to develop skills and ambitions in music and related performing arts. Furthermore, by continually striving for artistic excellence and showcasing best practice, Share Music aims to challenge public perception and improve public access to the work of disabled artists, thus paving the way for further integration into the arts community. Specifically, Share Music aims to:

  • Run intensive, inclusive and highly creative residential courses and taster days involving participants at all stages of the creative process and encouraging them to explore personal interests as well as contributing to group creativity.
  • Employ leading professionals from the arts community - including physically disabled artists - all leading exponents in their fields.
  • Promote the use of the latest technologies, including music technology and computer equipment, as a vehicle for musical performance and creativity, especially to facilitate the involvement of people with more severe forms of disability.
  • Increase participation and develop new audiences, whilst further raising the profile of disabled artists via performance at increasingly high-profile venues.
  • Develop training and career pathways for people with physical disabilities and those wishing to work collaboratively with physically disabled people,
  • Work in association with other organisations with similar aims from both the arts and disability perspectives, with the object of integrating disabled people and disability awareness into mainstream artistic activities wherever possible.
  • Contribute to the debate, practice and development of the arts community as a whole.